Edmark closely follows all health and safety requirements required by UK law. All of our tiling operatives and office staff are required to comply with our Health and Safety specific policies.

Edmark is committed to:

    1. Providing adequate assessment and control of the health and safety risks arising from work activities carried out by our company, with suitable and sufficient Risk Assessments.
    2. Maintaining safe company equipment and materials, dispensing adequate Personal Protective Clothing for colleagues where necessary.
    3. Safeguarding employees against potentially harmful substances, by training in the safe handling and correct usage of these restricted materials.
    4. Ensuring all employees are given the correct training, instruction and supervision to ensure a safe working environment, including the signing of all relevant documentation.
    5. Consulting with employees on matters which could directly influence their health and safety.
    6. Annually reviewing and revising our health and safety policy.


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