Contact-Methods-Phone-iconRapid Quotes: We are able to provide you with a rapid quotation on a multitude of budgets and will be able to get back to you with a quote within 24 hours.

designDesign & Advice: Whatever you are hoping to achieve, our experience and expertise will provide you with the guidance and advice to help you realise your design vision.

hardhatFitting: The quality and precision of tiling in any context can make or break the design aesthetic of a project. We are here to provide a first-class fitting service that will ensure a high level of quality and finish to all projects.

speech-bubble-xxlAftercare: We are completely dedicated to not just providing a perfect finished product, but also making sure you gain the appropriate level of aftercare once we have fitted your tiles. We support each of our clients with the appropriate aftercare to cover any damages, ensuring a sustained quality and service.




There are a number of variables taken into account with each individual project, directly related to the measurements, supply and installation, meaning that it is very difficult to give standardised pricing, although quotations are freely available on request.

pricing-arrowPrivate – We offer free quotations, and will do our upmost to tailor the customer’s needs to their budget.

pricing-arrowContract – We will tender most projects that are sent to us. We will also endeavour to meet budgets of main contractors, by sourcing more cost effective products when required.

Please use our contact page for any specific enquiries.